Car of the Month - April 2002

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for April belongs to:
Demian Trubey

"In the Fall of 2000, I bought this car from Kurt Camealy. I paid $2200. He was a regular poster to the board. That's where I found it. Lurking. Sniffing out a good car."

"Kurt inherited the car from his fiance's Grandfather, the original owner. It spent it's life in the panhandle of FL and parts near Southern GA from what I gathered I flew from Detroit to Fort Walton Beach, FL met Kurt and his fiance and my wife and I drove it home stopping over night in Alabama on the way back to Detroit. It had around 106k original. When I got the car, Kurt had recently finished a Getrag 265 transplant for the failed 3hp22 automatic."

"Since I have owned the car I have done quite a bit to it. Some of the highlights and the things I like about it... "

"The car is my daily driver. It is FUN hanging it out in corners. I have to be completely honest. I abuse the car some days. I would never treat a newer car the way I treat this one. I love it, I will probably never be able to afford to sell it. You could always ask..."

"More BMWs beckon! I currently have 1 other BMW, a Euro e30 323i Baur TC cabrio 50k orig, an Ebay find. Presently awaiting a m50 motor transplant. I am looking for an e38 around 1996-1998 740i for a new daily driver."

Demian Trubey's 528i

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