Car of the Month - April 2007

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I bought this 1974 525 for my wife but when I got it home she didn’t want it as It had no air cond or power steer. Hmmm…. Anyway I decided to sell it off again but had no interest (at $1500 aud mind you).so I decided to register it and drive it myself for a while and maybe get more interest as a going and regoed car. But it ‘bit’ me and now I’m converted to bmw and have since bought a 735i for 'she who must be obeyed'. I’ve had a few probs with the 525 but nothing too serious ( water hoses and a sunroof that blew out “literally”)

I don’t know a lot about it but it was resprayed in wrx blue and retrimed in black velour and vinyl.



I’m going to sell her as soon as the 7 is ready to go but it is definitely an awesome car.


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