Car of the Month - August 2008

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for August belongs to:
Joe Cain

  • Model: E12 530i

  • Date: 1975

  • Exterior Color: Mercedes Medium Metallic Blue

  • The Overview
    In January, 2008, I made it a point to go the Irvine "Cars and Coffee show" (Southern California) where BMWs were the Featured Marque. My intention was to recruit future cars of the Month. Ron Perry and Joe Cain were there with some of the world's most incredible E12s (in their own way).

    This month's car is a Southern California Hot Rod.
    Like so many other street rods we see at the classic car shows, the amount of expense and effort that has gone into this car is mind boggling. The thing that separates this car from the others, is the fact that it is an E12.

    It looks very clean and harmless as I walked around it.
    Harmless until Joe started her up.
    Oh My God!

    Joe Writes:

    BMW 570

    First-generation BMW 5-Series E-12 chassis ( 1974 through 1981 )

    Mine is a 1975 with fenders and hood from later model E-12’s
    Complete color change from BMW blue to MBZ medium metallic blue.

    Aluminum small block Chevrolet,

    Five speed.

    Jag differential, Rack & Pinion conversion. Jag series 1 XKE Dana - 44 diff w/ 3:54 ratio 80% limited slip. Chrome moly axel adapters, (Jag stub axel to BMW CV) (Porsche 930) Shortened axle’s made by Summers Brothers w/300M steel (larger dia,)

    Euro body appearance conversion, no side markers, euro bumpers F&R spoilers, mirror’s

    After market lowering springs, specially valved Bilstein’s with ride height adj. Differential stub axle’s & swing arm stub axle’s , heat treated Camber adjustable swing arm’s.

    Notched trailing arm’s to allow for rim width’s up to 18X10” (current > 17X9”).
    21 mm rear sway bar , adjustable, shortened & relocated for max leverage. Custom made inboard brake rotors for the emergency brake alum calipers.

    - Front suspension –

    Upper & lower camber adjustment points. Sealed roller bearing on inner lower control arm Urethane lower outer, control arm bushing’s. Sealed roller bearing on the front thrust rod to subframe mount point.
    27 mm front anti-sway bar, adjustable, shortened & relocated for max leverage

    BMW E-21 Euro 323 power rack & pinion conversion, & bump steer kit

    - Gas Tank & Fuel System –

    1979 bmw side fill gas tank grafted to MGB center mount gas tank.
    This was a combination of wanting to update the body with the later model tail lights and to redistribute the weight of the fuel to a lower more centrally located position.

    Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, -10 supply line, -8 return Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator & four Aeromotive fuel filters, & Aeromotive fuel pump regulator, changes pump RPM dependant on motor load.

    - Cooling system –

    Custom made to size, Ron Davis extra heavy duty aluminum radiator & two electric fans.

    Made an opening cut into the BBS front air damn to allow carbon fiber duct work up to the radiator.

    CSR Performance Product’s, electric water pump.
    Reverse flow cooling system built into the motor; feeds the top of the heads and exits the center/lower portion of the block. Allows 11.3 to 1 compression on 91 octane, (see dyno sheet)

    Crankcase evacuation system – BMW E46 electric air injection pump, reversed to create vacuum, Mann-Hummel Oil/air separator filter. The electric motor is RPM adjustable via an MSD RPM Sensor, at idle a low speed and at 2200 RPM its full RPM for max vacuum.

    - Brake system -

    Coleman two piece rotors with alum hat’s front and rear, 14’’ Front & 13.5 Rear Porsche 993 Turbo Big Red calipers with the rotor radius changed to accommodate the larger than normal rotors. The rotors were cryogenically treated and cad plated.

    The brake booster is from a BMW 3.0 CS and was repositioned from the oem location To a more outward and higher place to make room for a V-8 type motor. The master Cylinder and reservoir is a Porsche 928 S4 unit . The brake proportioning valve is Also a 928 S4 piece ( 55 –bar ) & braid SS lines.

    - Motor -

    The motor was purchased used from Donovan Company in Torrance ,CA it was a sprint car Alcohol motor used by Steve Kinser.
    At the end of each race season he would turn in the motor and get a new one. The motor was then rebuilt and converted back to Run on gas and do street duty. 7.0 ltr 427 cu in all aluminum Donovan stroker small block 11.3 to 1 comp, J&E Pistons ceramic tops & moly skirts LA Billet 4” stroke forged crank

    Cosworth Eng, 5.85” rods

    Dan Olsen oil pan and windage kit. AFR/Brownfield 220 cc heads w/spread port exh, Ported by Bob McKray Performance Ultradyne hydrolic roller cam and Rev kit .610 lift 258 @ .050 dur S.S. roller rockers 1.6 ratio, w/stud girdle MSD ignition, Victor Jr intake w/Demon 850 carb .


    Custom hand-layed carbon fiber ducting for cold-air intake and air filter

    - Exhaust -

    Stainless 2.5” mandrel bent, X pipe &

    Custom made headers.


    - Wheels –

    Alpina E36 fitment for the specific backset needed , size F&R 17 X 8 & 17 X 9 Tires , 225-45-17 & 255-40-17

    - Interior –


    More pictures can be found at Joe's Photobucket Album

    John Savage
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