Car of the Month - August 2009

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for August belongs to:
Sam Sarian

  • Model: E12 528i

  • Date: 1979

  • VIN: 5334161

  • Exterior Color: Fjord Metallic

  • Interior Color: Blue

  • Transmission: Manual 4-speed

  • The Overview:

    Once upon a time, in the spring of 2009, on a massive Polo field near the elite California coastal town of Santa Barbara, there was a gathering of BMW automobiles as far as the eye could see. After this writer carefully parked his car between a Maroon Bavaria and a Polaris Silver E21, my passenger pointed about 5 cars over and said "That E12 looks amazingly clean. I'm going over to scope it out".

    We met the owner, Sam, and heard his story about his little Used Car Lot in North Hollywood and a seller who came in needing some quick cash. Sam bought it realizing this collector quality car is well worth aquiring. Today, BimmerFest would be a great place to unveil some of his Inventory.

    A few months later, I visited Sam's place of business. He gave me the keys and verbal directions to a nearby park. In this short drive I remembered why I like the '79 E12. The seats. They're sporty and elegant, they hug, but don't restrict. The suspension was tight and crisp as I performed rapid slalom turns on the straight boulevard. The motor had lots of life, full of fresh energy, yet ran quietly.

    So, . . . This is what a new 1979 528i feels like!.

    BimmerFest 2009, in the Vintage Section, sits a Blue E12

    A 1979 4-speed.

    No dents, not a scratch.

    A few months later, Sam gave me the keys. I drove her to a local park.
    Undisturbed, just me and my camera.

    Cabin vent molding is like new.

    Front duo-kidney grill looks brand new.

    Classic signature.

    Driver's side mirror fits this 1979 car, but not my 1980.
    No mirror on the passenger side.

    Signal lenses protrude proudly.

    Lift the hood for some attitude.

    Attitude, straight-on.

    Analog clock, 140 MPH cluster, A/C blows ICE cold.

    The Driver's floor mat.

    Four on the floor.
    Blue velour fabric covers the seats with glossy piping.

    AMAZING: 16,868 original miles.

    Sound by Blaupunkt, with cassette tape in Dolby stereo!

    Headliner is spotless.
    Note how Dome light is centered in the roof.

    Clean dash, not a crack, . . . not even a tine one.

    Carpet, front and back is unworn.

    Rear deck, with typical yet unfortunate rust stains from the "C" pillars.

    This car has no sun roof.

    Unmolested engine bay

    The Rack-O-Ribs, always a lovely sight.

    Clean filter box paired with the AFM.

    One of the more pleasing colors.

    Engine runs smooth, . . and extremely QUIET.

    Only the front hood Roundel shows it's age.

    The rear Emblem hovers over a blue that rivels the sky.

    This car is a Class Act

    John Savage
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