Car of the Month - February 2003

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for February belongs to:
Raphael Derkson

"This is a 1979 528i. I bought the car in Southern California so it was in great shape for its age. Nevertheless, I had it repainted to its present British Racing Green, mechanically, changed almost everthing in it including getting the engine rebuild and had all the seats reupholstered. I loved this car when I first got it, but now, after all the work, it feels like the best I have ever driven. I get a kick out of it every time I drive it. The quality of these cars has got to be one of the best kept secrets in the used car market."

"I forgot to mention that this is a U.S. version 528i. I added the Euro bumpers, dashboard, and Momo steering wheel which I found in a scrapyard in Australia. I just couldn't believe the quality and quantity of used E12 stuff they have over there!

Raphael's 528i

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