Car of the Month - February 2004

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for February belongs to:
Francois Gaignaux

"The car is a 525, chassis no. 4869077. It was first registered in January 1979. The 2.5L engine has a 4-barrel Solex 4A1 carburetor. There are 174,000km on the odometer. The exterior is Reseda Green Metallic; the interior is dark green velour. The windows are tinted green, too. It also has the rare rear headrests, pre-radio, passenger side rear-view mirror, front fog lights, alloy wheels, and a nice Zender rear spoiler."

"I bought it in the beginning of 2003 from an official BMW garage. The aim was to restore it with my girlfriend and to take part to some club events this summer."

"This car was in this garage for 6 years because of a conflict between the previous owner and the garage. No file or history was given transmitted to me when I bought it. In fact the garage wasn't believing I would restore the "scrap". It was dirty, dusty and not running."

"I had the following work done on the car to make it pass the technical inspection here in Belgium in the aim of obtaining a standard registration. (Oldtimers in Belgium have to be aged of at least 25 years to benefit of special plates and tax system.)"

"Of course, this car is not in "show" condition, but still in very good shape. I used it regularly this summer, I drove a total of approx 4000 km without any problem. A real pleasure to drive. Unfortunately, as space and budget are limited (I have other E12s also), I have to sell it. So If any of the european readers of read this and are interested, drop me an email so that we can plan a meeting near border between Belgium and France and have a test drive!"

Francois' 530i

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