Car of the Month - January 2008

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for January belongs to:
Joshua Schell

  • Model: E12 528i

  • Date: April 1981

  • Exterior Color: Alpine White

  • Interior Color: Ox Blood Red

  • Comments:

  • Joshua originally submitted another E12; a gorgeous Blue 1977 530i. Between then and now, it was sold, stripped and crushed. In posthumous tribute, we are adding some photos at the bottom of this page. However, his White 1981 has been selected, primarily because we have more photos of this car.

    Josh writes:

    It is a 1981 528i with 152k on the clock. Other than the BBS RA wheels and Momo steering wheel, it is stock, BUT, within the month it will be receiving Bilstein Sports and ST lowering springs, as well as a K Mac adjustable camber kit.

    In addition, as the year progresses, it will receive Euro bumpers, an M535i airdam, swaybars, and headers (sitting in the garage just itching to be installed).

    I acquired the car in September 2007 from another board member. The car had been for sale in North Georgia in 2006 and I wasn't able to participate in the eBay auction, but luckily I can enjoy it now. I have spent the last few months tinkering and perfecting it, but not a lot of driving! I am about to put my third tank of gas in since I got it home... .

    As a devout 5 series fan, Josh has more than one BMW.

    My 1985 Euro 535i nose to nose with the E12

    A good side view... looks good from a few feet!

    The car looks MUCH better with the lockstrips replaced now!

    Minus some dash cracks and a worn steering wheel, the interior is great. I have since removed the seat covers to find near perfect seats.

    Know where to get good E12 floormats??

    I LOVE the vivid color of the interior.

    A very clean factory-replacement motor.

    A clean and complete tool kit!

    Headed back to the garage...

    Josh's 1977 530i;

    In my driveway minus the grille. We had been working on the fuel injection stuff.

    John Savage
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