Car of the Month - January 2009

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for January belongs to:
Farhad Guliyev

  • Model: E12 520

  • Date: 1977

  • Exterior Color: Metallic Blue

  • Interior Color: Blue

  • The Overview

    Farhad Writes:

    Greetings from Baku, Azerbaijan.

    We bought this car back in May 1991 in the Pinsk, Brest Belarus when USSR still existed in its last year. They said it belonged to an employee of the Soviet Embassy in Germany and when his mission was over he just brought the car with himself and put it for sale. My dad and uncle bought and drove it to Baku (~3000 km).

    Model: BMW 520 / E12 / Sedan / European spec. Date: March, 1977 Exterior color: Blue metallic Interior color: Dark blue/black

    This beemer has got 4 cyl, 2000 /1995/ ccm M10 engine, manual transmission European model.

    The seats and floor were re-covered with combined leather-substitute and fabric in Baku. The car was twice painted since - in 1991 and in 2006. In its M10 engine, oil pump chain and rings were replaced. We had to replace the Stromberg twin carburetors with a single carburetor.

    This is the car on which I learned to drive and I am still driving it.

    John Savage
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