Car of the Month - June 2004

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The Car of the Month for June belongs to:
Misha St. Lorant

This particular 1975 530I didnít roll when first purchased. Apparently the PO let the vehicle sit for 2-3 years. This caused the ATE front and rear calipers to seize due to severe rust on what remained of the chrome-plated caliper pistons. The seller was asking USD $1,695.00. We settled on $850. Heís still laughing.

The specific small taillight e12 featured in these photos includes the 1975 530I BMW Premium Option Package which consists of no power windows, mirrors, door-locks, sun-roof, AC, radio, or other modern conveniences. Apparently tools for the toolkit and a jack were optional as well.

Modifications and enhancements include a 3.0L with late model head, Stahl header, 2 5/8 exhaust to single outlet tip, Kosmo Air filter, Euro-spec distributor, 5-speed (Getrag 265: thanks Sean), rebuilt ATE brakes (thanks PO), ST sway-bars, BMP adjustable front strut brace, SS brake lines, Repco metal-master brake pads, Alpina B7 F/R springs, euro F/R bumpers and an e28 radiator to keep everything cool. Future plans call for a euro-spec 3.5 which was is currently under construction.

The only possible piece of history worth noting is that this vehicle was built on 10/74 (VIN 5000070) and thus may well be one of the oldest US spec e12ís still kicking around belching out non-catalyzed exhaust. I am blessed with the fact that the vehicle is exempt from any and all emissions testing and am grateful for this given the lean operating conditions associated with Lamda FI.

Have fun in your 5er!

Misha's 530i

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