Car of the Month - June 2010

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for June belongs to:
Edgar Calderon

  • Model: 1981 528i

  • Manual Transmission; 5-speed

  • Color: Ascot Grey

  • Edgar Writes:

    I have owned my 1981 BMW 528I for 25 years. Purchased from Sterling BMW in Newport Beach, CA on April, 1985. The exterior color is Ascot Grey, black leather interior, 5 speed, sunroof, 36,500 miles, lease return, and showroom condition. In 1981 the MSRP was around $24K, and I couldn't afford it. I learned to be patient and waited on God's timing, four years later bought the BMW at $15K. This car has never disappointed me at all, great looking and great performing. My most unforgettable experience was driving the BMW home with my mom. We thank God for the purchased. I continue to enjoy driving the BMW especially to real estate listing appointments in Southern California. This car certainly stands out from the crowd.

    In a personal touch, let us say, this car is an old faithful friend, when we met for the very first time at Newport Beach, CA I was 27 years old single man and I knew our friendship was going to be for a long run, he performed splendid on my very first date (Cuban and future wife), was beautifully adorned getaway wedding car, brought home safely my first daughter, has helped my clients buy and/or sell their homes (wheels), and perhaps one day my old friend will be left behind when God calls me, in which I shall depart this world joyfully and go meet my Maker and my King and reunite with my loved ones!

    The BMW is garaged in Los Angeles,CA and I have performed all mechanical maintenance, and solely helped with the exterior/interior clean-up, washing and polishing!

    John Savage
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