Car of the Month - March 2004

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for March belongs to Brian Thomason

"I bought the car in November 2002, from the original owner. A friend of mine, who knows my penchant for old BMWs, stumbled across it at a local Honda mechanic. I bought it for $700, put an ICM in it and drove it home. Itís been my daily driver ever since."

"The car has somewhere north of 150,000 miles; quite a bit more than that I would imagine as Iíve found gas receipts from all over Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The original 2.8L is doing OK, but burns some oil and seems a little low in the compression department."

"Iíve re-painted it the original Cypress Green Metallic (my first paint job), re-stuffed the seats, restored the door panels, added 15-inch Mille Miglia Cello wheels, and done some minor tune-up work. Since I took these pictures, Iíve gone through the brakes, and put on Boge Gas turbo shocks and struts."

"Next on the list is a 3.5L euro motor, short shift kit, and an interior redo. I suppose Iíll be getting the AC going again too as I donít care to try to make it through another Texas summer with no AC."

"This is Bimmer #3 for me, the other vehicles being a 1975 2002, a 1994 318iC, and a 1966 Dodge Coronet Deluxe. Not surprisingly, I find myself driving it more than any of the other cars."

Brian's 528i

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