Car of the Month - March 2007

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Crit Taylor

My car is nothing special, other than that it's a time capsule car and has low miles and is in really good condition. I purchased the car ('81
528iA) this last August from the original owners. The car has lived most of its life in Salinas, CA and was driven by a small couple. The car was garaged its whole life and mostly driven locally. Everything works on the car and due to the light weight of the previous owners the seats are in perfect condition as is everything else

When I got the car it ran well but since it not gone over 45 mph for many years it took some exercising of the transmission to get the cobwebs out and the revs up. Even though it is an automatic it's fun to drive and now enjoy driving it as a BMW should be driven, in a spirited manner. The brake lines needed replacing as well a few hoses and an exahust gasket but all in all it had been well cared for my a professional mechanic and many parts (air meter, exhaust) are new.

Right now I'm working on air noise coming from the passenger front door (I replaced the door gasket and was disappointed $179 later that that did not do the trick, I'm now hoping a new window channel strip will quiet the leak) but other than that the car is near perfect.

This is my first BMW and I am very thankful to have an E12 in such great condtion. I really enjoy working on my own car and I thank you and everyone else for helping to make that possible by provide such great information and support.


Crit Taylor

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