Car of the Month - March 2009

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for March belongs to:
Brent Kemi

  • Model: E12 530i

  • Date: 1975

  • Exterior Color: Malaga

  • Overview:
    Brent's amazing Euro E12 is making her third appearance as car of the month.
    Originally shown as Wietse Wullink's September 1999, and later as December 2000.

    Wietse's car back in 2000

    Since owning the car Brent has poured his heart and sole (and wallet) into
    rebuilding and customizing this now one-of-a-kind GEM.

    We can safely say that this E12, who seems like family, is in Great hands. Brent's hard work and true dedication is appreciated by BMW aficionados everywhere. The car is entertaining to watch as Brent suffers with is his wheel addiction.

    Brent's car in MARCH, 2009

    Brent Writes:
    I bought the car about two years ago from my friend Tony Sims who bought the car from Wietse, the owner back when it was originally car of the month!

    When I bought the car it was in great need of an outer body restoration, so I ended up taking the car apart and stripping the whole outside of the car to bare metal.

    I put over 400 hours into the body work and getting it back to its original Malaga color, I have made countless custom modifications to the car starting with the satin black/malaga paint scheme (my Euro muscle car theme), and the aggressive stance and many different wheel fitments. I painted all of the trim, bumpers and the whole under side of the car in satin black along with the stripe along the belt line and the power bulge on the hood.

    I also removed the spare tire well so I could have perfectly centered exhaust tips exiting out the back.

    The car also features a custom yet simple black interior with custom black aluminum accents, all black leather seats and door panels, perfect original dash, 1000 watt custom stereo system with built in dvd player.

    The heart of the beast is the healthy built Motronic 3.5L with 10:1 pistons, Schrick 282 cam, balanced, light flywheel, chipped and more. Custom headers and wild sounding exhaust that I built from scratch. It also has a 265 5-speed, 364 40% lsd, rocky mountain sway bars, H&R springs, Bilstein sports, all poly bushings, euro e24 big brake upgrade, stainless steel brake lines and more.

    Some other misc. custom things that I have added:

  • 6k hid (high intensity discharge) headlights
  • piaa custom mounted driving lights
  • custom air dam splash pan
  • all red taillights
  • custom functional ram air intake

  • Its hard for me to think of all of the things that I have modified on this car simply because I have countless hours into making this into my ultimate e12!

    More photos of Brent's 530i

    John Savage
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