Car of the Month - March 2010

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for March belongs to:
Mark Goddard

  • Model: 1979 528i

  • Motor: 3.5 liter M30B34 Motronic, Mark D'Sylva chip

  • Transmission: 5 Speed

  • Interior: Black Leather

  • Upgrades: 7 Series seats and LSD

  • Exterior: Sierra Beige with Alpina stripes

  • Mark Writes:

    This is my sierra beige e12 which used to be a 528i, but has now had a 3.5L m30b34 conversion. The car was apparently in Palm Springs for the first 20 years of its life, then ended up in BC Canada where the conversion was done to 3.5 Motronic. The car also has lowered Bilstein suspension, a 7 series sport LSD, 7 series sports electric seats and e28 rear suspension. I have added the M badges which I made. I also did the green Alpina type stripes, painted the wheel centers gold, so its a bit of a mix and match. I'm torn between the e12 M535i and the B7 S Alpina.

    I would love to turbocharge the car as it has the low compression engine already, but cost prohibits at the moment. I've also seen an e3 which has a 3.5 and 6 throttle bodies and 300 bhp apparently, interesting, would like to know more on that one. In the mean time I have fitted a Mark D'Sylva E.A.T. chip which has made a very noticeable difference, especially low down where it seems to have more grunt and get up and go. A worthwhile addition and Mark was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Mark.

    I would like to take out all 4 electric windows if I can get the manual window parts at a reasonable price. That should be a weight saving, then maybe change the seats for lighter ones. The car also has an additional electric fan to help with cooling, and a home made induction system made from recycled baked bean cans (cheap, readily available, and I love induction roar). So thats it, the car would make a nice track day weapon if it lost some weight, and gained some more power, about 300 bhp would do nicely.

    Mark Goddard, Canada

    John Savage
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