Car of the Month - March 2011

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for March belongs to:
Art Johnson

  • Model: 1977 530i

  • Color: Topasbraun metallic

  • Interior: Nylonbraun/Beige

  • Manual transmission; 4 speed

  • Milage: 72,000

  • Art writes:

    This rust-free 1977 530i spent most of its life in California and Utah. It is Topasbraun metallic with an interior that at this point most closely matches the nylonbraun color of that era (from some fading perhaps?). The delivery inspection sheet calls this a "luxus version", maybe because it came equipped with power windows and sunroof and leather seats. It was much loved by its principle owner (a pilot) who kept it in pristine, original condition for 30 years (as pilots tend to do) and about 65,000 miles. I try to drive it once per week, only on sunny days. I haven't done much to it during my 3 years of ownership other than routine maintenance and a few cosmetic changes. I added the BBS air dam, wheels, Cibie fog lights, the Zender trunk-lid spoiler and the Recaro seats. All of the original equipment is in excellent condition and safely stored should any future owner decide to convert the car back to its original configuration. It offers a different driving experience from most of the bimmers I have owned. It sounds pretty mild-- it kind of hummms and purrs-- but can get up and go when asked. It is a great example of a BMW sedan with the light feel that sets BMW's apart from other "family" cars.
    Canada .

    John Savage
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