Car of the Month - November 2003

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for November belongs to:
Matthew Cronin

Here's what Matthew has to say about his car:

"I bought from its original owner, a wealthy TV guy who had owned it since new. It seems the driveway was clogged with bimmers, and his wife wanted a new one so alas she went up for sale."

"The car had 122k on it when I bought it, an average use of only 3600 miles a year for its long life. The one thing that screamed "GET ME" was the fact that the owner obviously spared no expence maintaining the car. All the records and only OEM parts in this baby. Synthetic oil's in everything. It even still has the original floor mats. Very clean indeed."

"Well I got her and started driving it a bit hard. Since August I have put 5k on her and have found or created a few things to address. But it calls for me to play. The smooth pull of the engine makes the car so drivable, nice power low, smooth."

I'm in the military and getting ready to transfer this summer to points unknown. Next to having good safe schools for the kids is a roomy garage with room to tear into the car. The future of it largely depends on where I get stationed. I'm looking to go to Beantown and if so, I see years of full restoration, an engine out inspection and overhaul with a full inside and out paint job. Plenty of cold winters in the garage to tweak away at her for the nice summer rally's. If not a paint job, then a daily driver until she tires then gut her and off to the track with her!"

"I had no intention of buying this car. I wasn't even looking for anything at the time. I was a self professed Audi guy and had never given a BMW a second look. But I'll tell you, I almost wrecked my wife's car when I first saw her and was standing at the door at the opening of business with a deposit in hand before I ever heard it run."

"Having driven it a bit I now understand what all the fuss is. We as Americans were 15 years behind in 76 and still many ,many years behind now. The Europeans really knew then and still know how to build a damn fine car."

Thank's to all the FirstFivers for answering the silly questions, your help with the little stuff helps me keep her just right. Now if that money tree would just sprout!"

Matthew's 530i

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