Car of the Month - November 2004

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for November belongs to:
Lenny DiMartino

Here's what Lenny has to say about his car:

"This is my daily driver, a 1980 BMW 528i. I am the second owner of this car. I bought it with 33,000 mi. in 6/82, the build date is 4/80. The car is still complete and in stock condition down to Dunlop Sport A2 195 70r/14 tires and successfully functioning R12 (even here in N'Awlins) although it has been resprayed resulting from vandalism in '95. The car's package included central locking, PW, 5-speed, sunroof, A/C., Bosch fog lights, Blaupunkt Radio/casette (that I still have) with a Blaupunkt EQ/power amp located in the glove box."

"I found this car at the local dealer's used car lot (long before CPO plan!). I looked at it for almost five minutes and didn't realize it was used until I saw the odometer. It was really clean. A dentist bought it new and traded it in on a then new E28. He commuted to the north shore of Lake Pontchatrain every day for two years."

"I looked at it and a few other models then went home to think and went back the next day to buy the car. One of the mechanics at the dealer had already put a deposit on it but couldn't finish his financing plans so he let it go. This guy and I became immediate friends and he went on to open a successful independent shop of his own (and bought another E12 for himself)."

"Bilstein HDs all around is about it for mechanical mods. And there is window tinting and a RH mirror.I repadded the cloth front seats and seatbacks with foam after removing the covers and sending the remaining vinyl sides with new cloth material to a reupholsterer. He stiched new covers that I fitted back to the seat frames. Not original BMW material but a close second that was manufactured a few years in the '80s for Chrysler products (and hard to find in the '90s). Mileage is correct as shown, even the functioning trip...(uh, nevermind!)"

"Eyes for picky details will notice a LA license plate with an Albuquerque NM plate thingy. This guy saved my butt on a vacation when a fan clutch decided to go south on me 40 mi. east of Albuquerque. He had me nurse the car back to his shop on a Saturday afternoon and replaced the clutch and the water pump for a modest additional charge. A potential disaster turned into a friendly exchange of BimmerWorlds. When I drove up I was greatly relieved to see all kinds of old Bimmers in beautiful condition around his place and I was back on the road in two hours. This car will proudly wear his plate holder forever."

Lenny's 528i

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