Car of the Month - November 2006

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The Car of the Month
for November belongs to:
Ulrich Thieme

1973 520i

Ulrich writes:

"I bought this BMW 520i (built Januray, 8th 1973) in southern France. The body was in a good condition, but the interieur was waste. I bought an another BMW 520 (May 1973) in Vienna, looked like a twin. That body was very rusted, the interieur was fine! So I merged both cars."

"This car is one of the earliest E12. It has many interesting details: Headrests with wide holder, different structured door panels, the very early type of front bumper (2 lines of rubber, the license plate mounted below) and it came out with yellow headlights."

"It is one of 30 520i'S in Germany.."

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