Car of the Month - November 2009

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for November belongs to:
Greg Bridges

  • Model: E12 528i

  • Date: 1980

  • Exterior Color: Polaris Silver

  • Interior Color: Whore House Red Leather

  • Transmission: Manual 5 speed

  • Bilstein HDs

  • BBS Wheels

  • The Overview

    Original owner was a lady in Santa Cruz; bought it as a present to herself after a divorce. She had it until about 1995 when Eric Quon bought it; he owned it for a couple years. Eric sold it to Peter Claassen of Redwood City (near San Jose, Ca.). From what we gather, Peter passed away and his kids donated it to a charity. From there, it was sold to an auction house where a local dealer in Walnut Creek bought it and advertised it on Craigslist. Gordon Parr spotted it and posted on FirstFives. Greg Bridges (aka 'Grip Greg') called on it and got himself a ticket on an air-o-plane, bought the car and drove it home.

    Greg Writes:

    I have a slush-box 528i, Kastenrot Red (I call her 'Rosellina') that I've been working on for YEARS trying to get fixed enough to pass California smog. In my frustration, I started to look for a car that I really wanted; an E12 with a 5 speed. Many thanks to Gordon for finding the car. After I bought it and was driving home (over 400 miles) I looked at the speedo and saw I was doing 80 mph! Even though the front was floating it still felt comfortable. It must be fate 'cause my birthday is April 4 & Rosallina (previously named by Eric Quon) was built in April 1980. Happy birthday! I as SOOO happy to have a five speed, I kept looking at the stick shift and going "YEAH!!"

    Since owning it, I've replaced the struts with new Bilstein HDs. Now I feel like it's a REAL E12. The shift stick was replaced with the E28 version when I got it. Unfortunately the knob would sometimes come off in my hand while shifting. It has since been replaced and doesn't pop-off anymore. I'm going to replace the instrument cluster with the 140 MPH speedometer version. Being the car was near the coast, there is some corrosion, but not like east coast under-body stuff.

    Greg's New Toy

    From nearest, Greg Bridges, Pierre Chamaa, Brian Thomason, John Savage and Warner Hall

    Bordello (aka: "Whorehouse") Red Leather in excellent condition

    Greg was having SMOG problems and couldn't get DMV tags, so, being from the "Hood", he shows us how to handle this problem.

    Sport steering wheel from an earlier 530i.

    John Savage
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