Car of the Month - November 2010

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for November belongs to:
Mario Krist

  • Model: 1979 518

  • 62,000 km

  • Cashmere Metallic

  • Manual transmission

  • Mario writes:

    By coincidence I was asked if I was interested in this car.
    This was because I normally drive around in my 2002 BMW from 1973.
    The car was stopped for a year or two because the original owner had died.
    I made an apointment to take a look at the car, by the owners wife and, the car was under a blanket.
    When I saw him, I thought I must have him.
    The car is completely original, first paint and everything is complete, nothing is broken.
    The car was even cleaned with car-wax under the hood and door styles.
    The tires have a manufacture date of 1977 and a good profile.
    In the Netherlands, this model is not often seen.
    To be honest, the engine for this model is performed with too less horspowers.
    But I am very happy with the car because hes in a good condition and he looks so good.
    The BMW 518 has 62.000 original kilometers and has still his first tires after 31 years.
    I am the third owner.

    Greets Mario

    John Savage
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