Car of the Month - November 2011

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for November belongs to:
Rick Perschau

  • Model: 1979 528i

  • Color: Chamonix White

  • Interior: Beige

  • Manual transmission; 4 speed

  • Milage: 116,128

  • Overview:

    Rick has had this car for about 4 years, he is the second owner. The original owner bought the car in Danville (east of San Francisco) where it spent its first 28 years. That owner was a car collector of sorts and with so many other options, this car mostly sat unused. This story is very similar to other pristene examples of the e12. Unfortunately the original owner fell ill and died. his family began selling off the various cars. Rick was fortunate enough to learn of the car and bought it. At the time it had 76,ooo miles on the odometer.

    The car has had a few upgrades, but is mostly stock.

    A clean and well kept 528i

    The fog lamps are protected with strong frames

    The front emblem roundel shows its patina from years of waxing and buffing

    Normally the US version of the '79 does not have a passenger side mirror.
    Rick says the car came this way, so it's assumed the previous owner added it.

    Standard period-correct upgrade are these 14-inch BBS Mahle rims.
    Somebody spent the time to polish the lips - nice touch!
    Tires are the stock 195-70R14

    Actual milage at this writing.

    The car has been garaged most of it's life, and it shows with a clean crack-free dash

    Seats are starting losing some of its stuffing, but the uphostery is soft and undamaged

    No rips or tears, the seats are soft and comfortable

    The 4-speed shifter knob has experienced an artistic modification

    Door panels are all clean, windows and locks all work

    Close inspection of the car shows absolutely no rust - anywhere

    Door jams are spotless

    Exterior trim is mostly very clean, bumpers have no corrosion or fading

    Rain gutters show no rust and paint is smooth (no cracks)

    Trunk hinge has been lubricated and is in good working order

    Tool kit is missing 2 plyers, window wrench and the blue cleaning rag

    John Savage
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