Car of the Month - October 2009

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for October belongs to:
George Wireko-Brobby Jr.

  • Model: E12 520i

  • Date: 1979

  • Exterior Color: Metallic Green

  • Interior Color: Beige

  • Transmission: Manual 4 speed

    The Overview

    George Writes:

    I saw this car in a workshop in Ghana.
    I am a big bmw fan especially the e12.
    This was my opportunity, I bought this and began the restoration!
    Everyone thought I couldn't do it but I did this bit by bit.
    Its taken me 2 years and I'm still working on this baby.
    It is a 4 speed manual transmission with a carburetter engine.
    Changed the carburetter, got myself a new brake system,
    changed the center bearing, exhaust system, lower arms, shock absorbers
    and did anti rust spray at the base.
    I have 17" alloy wheels and tyres with the following additions:
    Air conditioning
    Alpine dvd sound system with a 3000watts -- combination of three amplifiers
    Sub woofer in the trunk and dvd screens on the head rests.
    Did some work with the interior. The car is not perfect but it has come a long way indeed!

    I'm happy to share these pictures.

  • John Savage
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