Car of the Month - October 2010

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for September belongs to:
Jamie Reddick

  • Model: 1980 528i

  • Manual transmission, 5-speed

  • Color: Polaris Silver

  • Interior: Blue Leather

  • Jamie writes:

    Finally took some pictures of my newest E12. I purchased the car from the original owners about two years ago. About the only thing not original on the car is the stereo system, 15-inch BBS wheels and seat covers.

    The stereo is an upgraded pioneer system with all 4 speakers, and no hacking up sheet metal to install. Dash is pretty much brand new, no cracks. In the Marine Corps we would have referred to this car as a "Hanger Queen" simply because it spent most of it's time in the garage. But that is partly why it is such a pristine car.

    From what I was told it has been a third car it's entire life, as it is with me. It has 47k original miles, has been meticulously serviced, and as you might expect drives better than a lot of new cars. It was bought new in San Jose, Calif, and I have the window sticker and even the original salesman's business card. It isn't perfect but I like it, even drive it once and a while! Here's a few pictures I've accumulated.

    John Savage
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