Car of the Month - September 2004

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The Car of the Month for September belongs to:
Don Daynes

Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Only 536i

"Before the accident that ended my first e12 project I had always intended to submit it for COTM consideration. The problem was I could not decide when to submit it because there always seemed to be one more thing to do first. "

"Iíll submit it: after the headlight conversion, after the interior is done, after the M535i spoiler/euro bumper conversion, after the headers/exhaust was done, and so on and so forth. Truth is it may never have been complete. "

"While the accident damage was not all that great, I determined that it made little to no sense spending $5K-8K to fix it right. Most if not all of the parts and mods will be transferred to my next e12 project or my daily driver e12. Now to find just the right car ..."

Specifications of the 536i:

Don Daynes's 536i

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