Car of the Month - September 2007

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for September 2007, 525 belongs to:
Artem Chernikov from Siberia

Artem writes:

" First of all, sorry for my english. I can see that in USA no more cars that want to be the car of the month, so maybe a car from Russia can be? ;-) "

"It's BMW 525 e12 with Solex 4A1. In third year I rebuilt the engine; in 2005 I did some body works and repainted it in black (not myself in autoservise). Originally the car was olive but previous owner repainted it in dark green. Paint works was made very bad so i decided to repaint it.

"I love that car there are not mach old BMW in Syberia, and it some times hard to find parts for it In planes (future) i want to install some recaro or motorsport seats, and try to find spoilers on front, back and trunk, I hope i can find it. "

This is my Car, I buy it in 2003, and I am the second owner in Russia, how many owners it has in Europe i don't know.




Here are photos of Artem's 525 prior to restoration

Here is the parts donor for the restoration:

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