Car of the Month - September 2008

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for September belongs to:
Domingo Palazio

  • Model: E12 Euro 525

  • Date: 1974

  • Exterior Color: Alpine White

  • The Overview
    Domingo's car is a very early E12; issued to his father while in Germany. As you can see in the photos, the car was cared for dearly, and continues to be pampered. Domingo washes her often and continues the maintenance. Domingo's father is an E12 fanatic, and as the saying goes; "Like father, like son", Domingo continues to pour his heart and sole into this wonderful archive.

    Domingo Writes:

    The car has been with the family since day one. It was delivered (to my father) new in Munich in 1974 and used in Europe for about a year and was placed on board the MV Bodenstein from Hapag Lloyd in Bremen, Germany and delivered in Corinto, Nicaragua two weeks later.

    Only recently, the engine was overhauled (piston rings changed) and most hardened rubber replaced (chassis and suspension), steering changed and car painted. Car has 180,000 km and rides like new.

    The only new adaptation is a super stereo with iPod, needed for spirited driving. All possible thanks to the support from First Five!

    Front view -- Peek-a-boo from the car port.

    Original, unmolested Euro trim, bumpers and lighting.

    BMW Roundel on White.

    Slanted nose, chromed double kidney over chrome Euro bumpers -- as the original designers intended.

    Car was freshly repainted.

    Note the absence of the gas flap on the right rear quarter panel.

    Clean dash, interesting air vents. The steering wheel was replaced . . .

    . . . with THIS one, with the help of some FirstFives advice.

    Gas flap was located in the rear.

    Engine was upgraded with electronic ignition.

    John Savage
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