Car of the Month - September 2010

Cars of the Month

The Car of the Month for September belongs to:
Elizabeth Hall

  • Model: 1976 530i

  • Manual transmission, 4-speed

  • Color: Chamonix White

  • Interior: Red Leather

  • Elizabeth writes:

    After shopping for a 2002, I found this '76 530i at a small dealership in Idaho. It's hard to find these vehicles in Montana and Idaho! After seeing this one, I'm afraid I lost all desire for a 2002. I'm glad the speed limit is 75mph here, because this little car performs beautifully at high speeds. I was incredibly lucky-whoever owned it before took impeccable care of it; all I've done is recharge the AC (which had been converted,) and fix a washer fluid leak. It has 133k, and is definitely a keeper.

    John Savage
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