Only one way to deal with rust bubbles

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Posted by Lars OBG on November 16, 2007 at 11:57:39 from from

In Reply to: Ho to deal with rust bubbles? posted by Domenico on November 16, 2007 at 10:47:43:

Cut and paste... or rather cut and weld. Are you talking about paint bubbles on original finish? If so, there is only one way rust can form to raise a paint bubble under original finish. That's coming through the metal from the back side. Don't even consider painting this car unless you do a Very Thorough rust audit and cut all rusted metal back to clean metal and weld in sheet metal or patch panels. If you don't do this the rust will come back. If you are absolutely positive that is the only rust you can find on the car... cut it out and weld it in and make sure it's properly sealed and coated before paint goes over it. Occasionally rust is localized like you are describing, but usually it's incriminating and a definite sign to go on a rust hunt. If it came through the original paint, there's more on the other side. Not trying to be a bad-a__ here, but rust is the devil's tool... Evil, insidious, sneaky and well known for it's return. You must get it all. It works just like cancer.

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